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Tenth Annual Baltic Military History Conference

17 September 2019

This year’s conference coincides with NATO's 70th Anniversary and the 15th Anniversary of the Baltic states’ entry into NATO. The conference will analyse the leadership that was required to implement these successful changes for the security of Europe and the Baltic states through NATO membership. The conference will investigate historic changes in the purpose, mission, and membership of NATO over the Alliance’s seventy years. Participants will explore key NATO transitions to determine how individual leaders have influenced the Alliance’s ability to overcome strategic challenges and changes to threats, membership, and capabilities. The conference will also examine how the latest developments in Europe and NATO will influence the future of the Alliance and the security of member nations. Regarding Baltic states membership in NATO, the conference will explore the leadership required 15 years ago in order to manage perceptions that were necessary to answer the question ‘why join NATO?’ in such a way that membership was both desirable and essential for ensuring the security of the Baltic states. Preparation for membership, completion of the action plan, and the subsequent 15 years of active integration into NATO missions provides leadership lessons in the management of change from the political, military, and academic perspectives. Participants will also investigate the linkages between NATO and EU membership during this period and their future implications for military leaders.


Fifth Annual Baltic Defence College Conference on Russia

7-9 March 2019
Western Responses to Non-Linear Challenges from Russia

The 2019 iteration of the conference will discuss the broader theme of“Western responses to non-linear challenges from Russia.”Special attention will be paid to the concept of trans-Atlantic deterrence of Russia and its importance for security in wider-Baltic region, the multiple Russian military exercises in 2017-2018, the lessons learned from Russia’s actions in Ukraine, as well as the potential threats emanating from Russia´s military modernization.

Upcoming conference will also pay special attention to the NATO´s 70th Anniversary and 15thanniversary of accession of the Baltic states to NATO.


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