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9th Annual Baltic Military History Conference

13-14 September 2018
1918-2018 Hundred years of armed forces development

2018 marks the centenary for a number of states in Eastern Europe and Caucasus. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, also Armenia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Georgia and Hungary are celebrating their hundredth anniversary. For these countries, emerging from the ruins of Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires and the turbulent experiences of WWI, gaining and sustaining independence was closely linked with the development of their own armed forces.

The 9th Annual Baltic Defence College Military History Conference will address the development of these armed forces and their different fates in the following 100 years, trying to grasp the lessons learned through reflection on the processes within and related to armed forces. Special attention will be given to the role of military education in the developmental process of the armed forces. The latter topic will serve as a conduit for the 2019 conference that will look back on our own 20th anniversary.


Fourth Annual Conference on Russia

8-9 March 2018
Russia in 2018: Challenges and Responses?

The aim of the conference is to bring together military officers, academics and analysts from the Baltic States, Nordic countries and other Euro-Atlantic countries to study main threats related to Russian political and military ambitions and to analyse best available responses.

Special attention will be dedicated to the transatlantic deterrence towards Russia, upcoming Russian military exercises, experiences from Russian actions in Ukraine and future threats coming from Russia´s military modernization.

The final debate will focus on changes and improvements needed for successful deterrence against Russia in upcoming years.


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